Bedtime Story

I just finished reading The Little Prince for the nth time.

Needless to say, it is my favorite book and I make it a point to read it at least every year for my birthday since I turned 16. I have loved it so much that some people started a collection of it for me in different languages.


So today, on my 10th year of reading this book, I shall explain the secret behind this odd tradition:

I read it every year because the story changes for me.

I find myself growing up with the characters and see myself growing up to be the grown ups that I disliked in the book. And then I am reminded to keep myself grounded and laugh at life because ambition and non-sense can only do so much for you, while friendship and love goes so far.

I work my way through each sub-story. I see myself as the rose, the fox, the pilot but never the little prince. Maybe the story is about that – to keep your mind off matters of consequences and look at who has been the little prince in your life.

Every year, it is a different person for me. Whether it is a great person I have met, a stranger I just randomly talked to, a person I have known all my life, a person I have loved, or a person I have lost. All the same, they came and disturbed my peace. Some went and some stayed but all changed me. These people, as they tamed me, have taught me something new and valuable about myself. And every year, I affirm my growth as a person because of them shooting through my own sky.

2 days ago, I came across this guy with a really cool telescope. He said, “Go ahead, take a peak. It’s free.” With complete joy plastered on my face, I got to stare at the moon and the sky. It was so bright. For about 30 seconds, I felt like I was laughing with the stars. That guy probably didn’t know it, but he gave me the best birthday gift this year. He gave me a better view of what I have always loved to watch.

We all have those people in our lives. And on the 26th mark of my presence here on this planet, allow me to thank those little bells that make noise. Those people that keep asking me questions. Those people that encouraged me to keep drawing. Those people who are sometimes such a mystery to me but I have come to love with all my heart. You know who you all are, don’t be a stranger on some distant asteroid.

Thank you for the giggles.

UPDATE: I just learned that the trailer for the new Le Petit Prince movie was just released.

Here watch it:

What a perfect day! 🙂


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