I came across this article by Arriane Serafico a month ago that challenges its readers to consciously try to do one thing that scares them every day for the next 30 days. When I read on, I was struck by this one part about saying that whether you like it or not, the next 30 days will pass so why not give it a shot?

Known to most of my friends and family, I have flown the coop and changed my weekday address to be closer to my new office, I felt like this was a perfect way to entertain myself while I struggle with making new friends not to mention report that I am still alive with my daily activities… at least for that one month.

It was an interesting month, for sure. There were moments of physical pain, anxiousness and steady screams and cringes that went along with the dares I imposed on myself. There were also some stripped-down moments of truth and a few good giggles which led to some great conversations. Through this challenge, I actually did make new friends and strengthen old ties. Also, I proved to myself that I am still as competitive and fun as I thought I was a decade ago… I just forgot.

Honestly, I didn’t fulfill the whole 30 days, and I will not force and cheat my way through it. But I think the more important thing is to get back right into it.

Why do we need these hashtags? Why do we need opportunities to be brave? Why do I have to post it on Instagram? On Facebook? Why do I even have to write about it?

The answer is easy, my friend.

Because I learned something from it and if it isn’t already obvious it is this:

You are the only one who can make your life interesting. Even if I love Nina Simone, don’t try to make her song titled “I Wish I Knew” you OST. Start. Now. Stop wishing for things, start working for it.

You don’t have to do this challenge but I encourage you to take that one little step out of the comfort zone. The end result is so rewarding. I nervously tried asking for some things and they were given to me without difficulty. Who knew asking actually works? After everything, I felt like I just realized that all this time I had that freedom to make my life curiously good and do small things with great love for this life.



To figure out what these pictures mean, check out my Instagram account: ishie

Cheers to more opportunities to be brave!


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