I just cannot d…

I just cannot define in 10 lines what interior design means for me. I am not an architect or a designer, but I love spaces. For me, being an interior designer is a calling — it is to blend past and future, and create the present. You create the future from intuition, knowing trends, breathing freely, and daring to innovate. When tackling a project, your emotions, brain and heart should be included; it should be created day by day – its volumes, the whole work, changing one and a thousand times, so that you feel whatever the work is telling you. You should be drawn to sensations, energies, and spaces. Creating an atmosphere, a home, a restaurant, a shop, is a wonder. Being an interior designer is being an artist, it is having a futuristic vision about what people need and want – it is the task and effort of a psychologist. It is playing with materials, fabrics, paints, volumes, lights, images… It is a calling, a non-stop learning process, and you should never believe that you are above anything. Because interior design is what you are.


– Estrella Salietti


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