I want to play the Game of Thrones

I want to play the Game of Thrones

In connection with my previous entry, I also have a particular favorite show that has the most, most, MOST insane set ever.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about the Game of Thrones. I am a complete geek when it comes to this show and of course the books of George RR Martin (I am not being too impatient, but I’ve been waiting for a couple of years now, WHERE IN THE FREAKING SEVEN HELLS IS THE WINDS OF WINTER?)

Anyway, I love the show as much as I love the books.


Because they have exceeded the imagined world I had for the locations of the story in the books and have stayed almost so closely to the storyline (I just wish they really cut off Tyrion’s nose though, I mean they stayed painfully true to the fact that Joffrey is an ass why can’t they just remove the damn nose?). Moving on… The environment for the different places are so closely studied and executed and the production design was just mind-blowing.

Slow clap goes to Gemma Jackson who pioneered creating seven kingdoms, an icy wasteland, and some free cities. Just some.

It’s crazy enough to have an actual map.

and I can’t wait for what Ms. Riley cooked up for the upcoming season 4. April can’t come sooner.


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