Movies and Production Design

One of the classes I enjoyed when I was younger was production design. I loved the field trips we had to TV stations and just learning about how things actually look and how things would look differently on screen with some alterations of design elements not seen in the picture.

I would love to be part of the production design team of these movies. It makes me want to move to Hollywood and just be part of awesome movies such as these — which are coincidentally some of my favorite films, too.

5. Django Unchained

Tarantino movies are always visually jam-packed. What can else can I add to this? The cast’s superb performance and Fritz’s politeness need to be commended as well.

4. Big Fish

I am a Tim Burton fan. He can mix fantasy with reality like it’s an art form. And sometimes, he can make time stop. This movie does that exactly.

3. Almost Famous

I love a movie with a great soundtrack. I watched this for the first time at the same age when Patrick Fugit was the enemy. I wish I had known what 70s rock ‘n roll was like, but at least I have this movie as reference.

2. Edward Scissorhands

I told you I was a Burton fan. This is a great movie about perception, norms, and society — and misunderstanding everything like we always do.

1. Memoirs of a Geisha

This is hands-down the best production set for me. Who would re-create a whole actual town for a movie? And re-create it in different seasons, too? This crazy crew will.

As you can see, the movies I picked are not from the modern time. I do have a bias for movies showing the old ways. That’s because I like the fact the life and love were more stylized before. But then again, they are just movies. Of course, most of it belongs to the imagination. Nevertheless, I would still like to be involved in projects like these one day.


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