Creative Clutter

So, I have just read about this not-so-recent study on how creativity can be enhanced by having a messy working environment. I struggle hard with this as I still believe that an orderly room is a bit more conducive to thinking.

(I actually wrote an anti-clutter article a few years ago which you can still access here.)

In fact, when I was reading the article, I was staying at our dining area to avoid my home office. I have not yet cleaned up since December and I have accumulated so much books and papers to the point where I cannot think at all in the room anymore.

I think this promotes anarchy.
I think this promotes anarchy.

But I guess there’s always 2 sides of the same coin which is properly discussed in the linked article.

“Being creative is aided by breaking away from tradition, order and convention,” Vohs and her colleagues conclude, “and a disorderly environment seems to help people do just that.”

I have to admit that my space is still a sacred place for me as this is where I can have my privacy. I think the privacy also helps me significantly with my work as I can continue making things without any competition and judgement from anybody but myself.

In the end, I think it’s not really how neat or messy your place is, it’s how you mark it as your own and how confident and comfortable you are to be there.


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