Painting by Numbers

Creative insights happen when you pay attention.

Last Christmas, I gave my godchild a few boxes of painting by numbers. I enjoyed that a lot as a child, so I thought maybe she would enjoy it as well. I bought an extra box for myself and totally forgot about it until today.

So, I set it up and tried it.


It wasn’t as fun as I thought it was. Painting on the colors that was already dictated didn’t really make me enjoy it. Specially when most of what I was doing was in pink (not really my favorite color).


I took out my own watercolor and did my own thing. I went over the lines and used unnatural colors. And, right now looking at it makes me happy. I didn’t follow the numbers to make a pre-meditated work.


So now, here’s today’s lesson: Know the rules and break them. And enjoy it.


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  1. segmation says:

    Looks like you had good family fun together!

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