OPM: See Music, Hear Design



My school did it again. First and foremost, congratulations to batch 2013 and to the wonderful professors! Every year, people keep saying it just gets better and better and to be honest, it really does.

The Philippine School of Interior Design holds an annual month-long exhibit for the graduating batch where all the booths will revolve around one theme. This year they went with Filipino Music – from the classic songs to novelty songs that we have all come to love.

The challenge is each booth is given one song to take inspiration from and translate it to an actual functional area. I won’t be posting pictures so that you would be enticed to go check it out for yourself.

I really liked the individual concepts of each booth and I must say, everybody really put their everything in their work. The students explained to me to the last detail why they designed their areas as such and seeing them so enthusiastic about their own obras made me miss my own exhibit as well.

Again and again, PSID lives out its motto: “Genius lies in the details.”

Cheers to the new batch of upcoming Interior Designers!



The exhibit will run until the end of October, for more details visit their Facebook page or follow @psid_opm on Twitter or Instagram.


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