Scribble Workshop

A few weeks ago, I attended a calligraphy class. If you haven’t noticed, I like to babble. So I thought why not enroll myself in a workshop to learn how to babble beautifully on paper.

I have been a follower of many calligraphers on Instagram for a while now, so when my friend heard that the Inkscribbler was coming up with a class, we jumped into the opportunity and reserved our slots that day – not caring if the venue was all the way in Anapolis (we live in the South) or on a Saturday (which is usually a play-dead-in-your-bed kind of day for me). I’m going to probably save you from 5-10 more minutes of reading the whole entry… I’m going to say it already, it was worth it.


Anyway, if you’re still interested in our story, thank you.

Here’s our story:

So after braving the parking lot we call EDSA, Pangs (Kat) and I parked for real in Greenhills only to run for 10 minutes (parking nearby was impossible) to the venue which started about 15 minutes before we arrived.

We didn’t get to sit next to each other because we got the leftover chairs, so there was a lot of awkward staring and copying your seat mate’s work. It actually felt like high school all over again. But once we got the gist of what was happening, I’m proud to report that we did well.


Up until we started with the actual ink exercises.


I can say that the basics of calligraphy is pretty much straightforward. You hold it this way, you add pressure when you want then lift when you need to. Make sure the nib is clean, make sure your hands are not touching the wet ink. And if you do get ink on your hands, better make sure you don’t touch your face. All of that you can learn easily in 3 hours. But do it well right after? I don’t think so. It takes, patience, skill, and a really good penmanship to make it work.


Though, yes, I could discipline myself to practice this new skill…

What I realized after trying was this:

Being a lefty takes this craft to a whole new universe.


Can you imagine how many curses I had to breathe out every time I accidentally brushed the wet ink while trying to write with my hand hovering over the paper like Yoda? Levitating with a flexible nib that needed to be facing the paper almost lying down. NOT. EASY. But a little challenge is always a good thing. And I just say that ink drops and smears add some charm to it.


Overall it was fun, and it was nice to see Alexis again. She used to be my org-mate in college. It was a junior marketing association, who would’ve thought we’d meet again in different fields after a few years? I guess passion really does overrule everything. Kudos to her for pursuing this new venture and actually rocking it.


Now, I’ve got my calligraphy and drawing tools set up. And yes, I still practice not to make a mess once in a while.


But if all else fails, I’m gonna learn how to do it with my foot.

Happy midweek, everybody!

PS. I’ve resigned from my job to do more freelance design. Stay tuned. I have another entry coming soon.

(Some photos c/o Inkscribbler and Inkscribbler is owned by Alexis Ventura. Here is her Website and her Instagram)


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