Baked In


Last weekend, I made a good decision to spend my Saturday morning wisely by attending a lecture on Innovative Design Trends. It was broken down into 2 segments: first, about branding for design and the other about the importance of innovative design education.

Since I also came from a Management course that’s focused on Mass Communications and Information Technology, the lecture was pretty much a dream come true. I knew that business and design mix well but I never really found anything that bridged that gap. So now, let me point out the gist of my quality alone time amongst strangers.

The first part of the lecture was conducted by Mr. David Sta. Maria: a Communications consultant for Praxis and the official voice of Bugs Bunny in the Philippines. Seriously. But that’s only in the afternoon, his morning voice is for murderers and serial killers. Again, seriously.

Key points:

Branding does not end with the logo. In fact, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Underneath, there is the direction, the mission and vision, the communication, and the process. These things balance the buoyancy that will make the brand float, or in other words stand out.

As we delve deeper on, we manage to keep the brand good through 3Cs: CREDIBILITY, CONSISTENCY, and COMMUNICATION. These all depend on what direction you want to get to.

Basically, to quote the ever-gasgas MassCom quote, “The medium is the message.” Therefore know your message, find a niche, and gradually grow from there.

Mr. Sta. Maria’s best point for me was this: “Don’t work on your weaknesses, focus on your strength.” If you continue to work on your weaknesses (which will be a lot, trust me) you’ll end up being mediocre: a jack of all trades, a master of none. Do good in one area, and spread it out eventually.

The next one was about the evolution of design technology and the importance of being up to date with the trends in design by Mr. Alan Brivio of Domus Academy in Milano.

Key points:

Basically, human beings are driven by the mere Pursuit of HAPPY-NESS. Ideas are made for fulfillment, dreams are realized because these will make us happy.

As designers, we are lucky to be in the forefront of innovation. We are the game changers, and this is actual fact. It is our ideas that make or break and it travels faster than anything else. That’s why it’s scary, dangerous, and sometimes crazy to think beyond norms.

But some other times, it is worth it.

We also talked more on latest technologies such as 3D printing, which is crazy-creepy. We can now print human organs out of stem cells. Ethical and legal? Maybe not, but it is now a possibility.

My main concern here was how to balance humanity and technology, and Mr. Brivio made an excellent point as well. He said, “Designers are the source of evolution. We must start accepting that randomness is part of our present lives. What we do with technology and the possibilities that it holds are endless. But, as individuals, we do have a say on how it is used. And definitely, it should be used to uplift the condition that you and your society is in.”

Last point:

Creativity is better used when used for improvement. Designers don’t design for useless things, we design to persevere, and to improve. Innovation is not the main concern. As creative individuals, it is in our nature to think of new ideas. The real challenge is to communicate it well. Bake in the marketing, the good ideas, the brand. Everything else will follow.


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