I had the perfect eulogy for you.
Once in a while I’d recite it in my head.
Today, it slipped pass by me, just as you had.

The moth appears in unlikely places —
in abandoned corridors, in decrepit gardens.
Things in our past remain —
like our toddler grins in old photographs,
blinking lights on shoes,
and you – climbing shelves filled with antique nonsense.
Those are kept hidden in the pages of a collection.

Your laughter keeps echoing from
our midnight run in the graveyard.
It was years ago, but I still remember.
That was the last time we had fun together.
Before we buried ourselves in indifference.
Before you strayed away.

Egos, questions, bad lucks, and summer.
4 months, I still miss you
And the secrets will always lie in the water.

— for K, up there.


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