Print Cafe

Before 2012 ended, I went to South Mall with my buddies to watch Sossy Problems.

Why? Because my other friend didn’t want to be seen in Town wearing a maxi dress aka daster. Hashtag Sossy Problems.

It was MMFF season, we were bored and it was still too early to drink. And it was a chance to catch our friend, Twinkle, in action with her walkie talkie. She’s supposed to be a big shot there, I’m not sure. Probably a manager, but we call her a sales lady.

Anyway, the movie is not important. It’s one of those things you’d decide watch randomly and get a little disappointed with yourself for making bad life choices after.

While waiting for the movie to start we walked around the mall. We found a little store on the second floor called Print Cafe. It kind of reminded me a bit of Heima because they had these framed graphics of quotes for sale.

I fell infatuated with the place. All the items were grouped together according to their categories which makes you appreciate the designs more. The staff’s work area was in the middle though, which is a bit distracting and interesting at the same time. It makes you curious of how they do their work. Or maybe there’s just this table and a lady was just dumping her stuff there, I don’t know, my attention span is that of a goldfish.

(I don’t mean to sound like a connoisseur of interiors whenever I walk into a place, but hey, I can’t help but be hyper-critical of spaces, specially commercial ones. I spent almost 3 years explaining myself to hyper-critical professors so I think what I’m doing is quite legit.)

All their paper products were simply too cute and they can personalize and customize prints for you whether it be a calling card, a notepad, or an invitation.


Why am I writing about this place? There’s this thing about paper that is very special to me. Not only is it one of the most important tools of my trade but how it can be used in so many things and can be made so pretty is what gives me this need to praise its qualities. (I’m planning on talking about my past school exhibit soon, I’ll talk about paper in-depth then. We made a room out of recycled paper.)


Anyway, I respect paper. I respect its flexibility and its permanence when turned to art or literature or even paper mâché. And businesses, like Print Cafe, who make paper look better than its already beautiful, natural form for creative purposes gets my two thumbs up. Good job!


I didn’t get anything from the quick stopover but maybe I’ll get my calling card done there soon. I’ll let you know when that happens.

So why did I really write about this place?

To convince myself that I spent the last days of 2012 thinking about interior design and not just lame sossy problems.


(All pictures were taken from Print Cafe’s FB site,


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