Friday Night Live: The Village

Tonight my family and I were invited to do a test-run of the new feature of The Village Sports Club, their bowling alley.

It’s a 15-minute drive from our place.

We decided to go because we needed to Baygon our house.
We needed to Baygon our house because there were mosquitoes.
There were mosquitoes because we had some electrical work done.
Mosquitoes came in the house because our electrician doesn’t like closing the door.
He doesn’t like closing the door because he probably wants them to suck out my soul.
They suck out my soul because that’s what mosquitoes do. 😦


We decided to go and to my surprise they added a whole new building. I did not notice that at all the last time I jogged there (which was actually 6 months ago, give or take).


Here’s a picture of the entrance of the new wing. They used capiz all over. It really is a classy element to add to your design and very Filipino.


And the bowling alley was really nice. Right temperature and good lighting. I didn’t play since my back is not yet fully ok but my family had fun and played 3 games. I also learned that you don’t use powder anymore when bowling since it messes up the flooring.

I don’t know when exactly it will be open to the public but definitely by early 2013. For members it’s Php 40 a game and for guests it’s Php 70. Not bad, right?

Enjoy the other new amenities too like the ballroom and other function rooms for events coming soon. My personal favorite is the track where you can run. Not a lot of people use it so it’s not so embarrassing when I run like I’m trying to escape a zombie — looking desperate and so freaking tired.


Wait a minute, I just realized. There’s a complete sports complex 15 minutes away from our house. That’s pretty cool. Maybe I should actually try to use it.


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