And then, gentle insomnia

Reflection on why sliding doors are beautiful.

(Written earlier this morning)

As i have completely disconnected ties with caffeine for the past few weeks, it shouldn’t really surprise me that I am still alive at 4 in the morning after having a glass of Coke.

Beginning 8pm last night, I have sidelined for my mother, sighed with a book’s ending, and watched my grandfather get up twice to pee.

As I lay on the floor of my grandfather’s room, I think about this year. I think about this year and how it’s coming to a close. I’d like to think that it was good. There was nothing bumpy about it or personally tragic. Not much melodramatics, which I hate to my very core. What else can I say? Aside from the Newtown massacre recently, nothing really brought me down.

I realize that there was kindness. And a sense of redemption, too. And aren’t we always too hungry for those things? I think about this at quarter past 4 in the morning because of my “philosophical encounter” with The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery.

I cannot thank Tommy enough for introducing me to this book. It could very well be my own Camellia. (Plus, I have never encountered such in-depth analysis regarding the beauty of sliding doors.) To those not familiar with it, I suggest that you get a copy.

At the beginning of this blog, my main interest was to write about my own inspirations, aspirations, and well expirations (of the negatives). It was to create some sort of connection between you and me. And I haven’t been writing lately because of the fact that fatigue made me lazy (once again).

And it is with this book that I have renewed my curiosity in things.
And my search for beauty, in this world.

I hope you’re still enjoying your sleep. Have a great day ahead.


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