Japan Surplus!


I always enjoy taking a peek at the new items at the Japan Surplus along Presidents Ave. My mom and I were on our way home from work and we noticed that the store had a new look and saw a sign that it was under new management. So out of curiosity, we made a quick turn to check it out.

As we walked in, one thing that caught my attention was that it was so well-organized compared to the last time I visited.

I never could emphasize enough how great traffic flow can help a lot in your business. Whatever business you may have. Some pieces were bunched together forming sets and I really liked the fact that everything weren’t thrown on top of the other just so that there would be more room to show other furniture or accessories.

In addition to that, I got to talk to one of the owners while walking around the place. Ms. Andy was a pleasure to talk to and was very accommodating to our needs. She gave us a little history of the place and how they also struggled in the beginning with their business. It was confirmed. Hang-ups and struggles will surface, but you’ll survive it.

We weren’t exactly looking for anything, but after our visit, I feel like that compact vanity area in my photo just made its way to my Christmas wish list.

See? Well-organized shops will do that to you!

But honestly, the pieces were really well crafted (What else do you expect from Japan items?). And since they have a partner that refurbishes some of the older pieces for them, it’s perfect! If you’re a professional designer or just remodeling your house, this place is a treasure chest full of brand new and pre-loved pieces that will surely add charm to your space.

Their new name (3R Green Movers) could pass as a great sustainable design concept:

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


(I’ll be back if ever nobody understood my shameless plug for my Christmas wish. Hi dad, I know you read this blog once in a while. It’s that thin dresser at the lower right corner of the picture. It has a full length mirror and a foldable shelf. Love, your only daughter. Haha!)


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