Filipino Hieroglyph

Filipino Heiroglyph

Hieroglyph is derived from the ancient Greek word which means sacred writing.

The Alibata is the ancient alphabet of the pre-colonial Filipinos. I have no idea why this isn’t being taught to students. It’s a really interesting way of writing. My next goal is to be able to learn this and write full sentences using the Alibata.

For starters, I have learned that if you want the consonant to be read with an -A, leave the character alone. If with an -E or -I place a dot on top. And if you wish to use it with an -O or -U, place the dot below. If the letter needs to stand alone, add a plus sign below.

The period of each sentence is simply an X at the end.

Kudos to our ancestors for coming up with this. If you are a Filipino, I encourage you to learn this as well. The only way to preserve our culture is to remember it x


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  1. jorn says:

    teach me once you know how to already haha -jorn

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