Sundate: Oath Taking


The Professional Regulation Commission, Board of Interior Design in cooperation with the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers invite you to a feast of pancit, fried chicken, sandwiches, ensaymada and brownies to celebrate the 4 months of hell that you inexplicably survived.

I don’t know but I still can’t get it through my thick skull just how blessed I am. I can picture October 23, 2012 so well. Jittery fingers at 6:30pm with my other hand holding the phone and Oki talking me through it.

I remember my grandfather looking on and how he jumped in excitement with me when I screamed that I passed the board exams. We both hugged a while and he kissed me in the forehead. It was a beautiful thing.

And now a month later, we see old and new faces and smile… Or smize. I see proud parents and friends and smize myself. This couldn’t have ended or started more perfectly.

To my parents, thank you for loving me like you would an only daughter. Let others call me spoiled but I really would accept your money to buy ridiculously expensive tickets just for you guys to be there. I wouldn’t want any other person to be beside me on my proudest day… So far.

To my friends, old and new, thank you for the support. You guys were like the perfect bra, not too demanding for my time as to make me feel like I can’t breathe anymore. And still be there once I feel like sagging to the floor when I feel discouraged.

To my Peaches and Scream (Yani), I would never have studied if it weren’t for you girls. You’re the best study buddies a slacker could ever ask for. Chili’s unlimited nachos soon.

Dear Lord,

You are the best. This is all because of You.

Girl amazed by Your goodness

Hon. Sonia Olivares, the chairman of the Board of ID, started with something like this phrase in her speech (I think the essence of this will stick with me for always):

“As human beings, we naturally take up space. As designers, it is our job to fill it with beauty and meaning.”

So to all you newly licensed interior designers, congratulations! May you live your days with overflowing beauty and meaning.

IDr. Eunice Sara Vibal


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