What’s in the bag? (A note on stewardship)

I remember I promised not to make this a personal blog but excuse me just this once. I made sure this will make sense.

People’s personalities are defined by what’s inside their bags, their essentials. I have been carrying with me, without fail, a pen and a sketchpad for many years.

Some people find their niche early in life. I denied it for a while. But as early as 3 years old I have glued on my “masterpieces” on our living room wall and decided to be a painter someday. I ended up in a management course, blinded by the dean’s introductory talk of doing greater things, putting up a company and of course the sound of **ka-ching!**

It took a good couple of years for me to admit that I am being called into the impoverished and underrated world of art. As I have been talking to people these past few weeks, the question of what am I doing right now haunted me. What am I doing right now?

I passed the boards, now what? Where’s the parade? Where’s the confetti? Where is that flash mob that’s supposed to be celebrating with me?!

It became clear. I’m puny. And my puny self did not understand that to be awarded greatness, I have to continue working for it and grow. And greatness is only as as big or small as you believe it to be. There will be no awards in this career. And the sooner I accepted that, the sooner it made more sense.

This is not about me.

It’s about using what’s given to me to do good things. Not necessarily spectacular, just something good. That’s the most important thing I’ve picked up about stewardship. It’s not necessarily money you have to give away, just what you have excess of. So that everything in your puny life will balance out.

If you’re wondering here’s what’s inside my bag. And I use it to travel. To wander. To observe. To meet people. To participate. And to make good things.


What’s in your bag?


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