Crazy Creatives: The Firsts

It’s a shame that I didn’t get to go to PSID’s exhibit this year titled Gabay: Dibuhong Umaakay which was supposedly my next entry. Things like good news (regarding the interior design board exam which I incidentally passed, wee... *somersaults*), work and bad weather got in the way. It ended last October 31 and I heard that the PSID Batch 2012 really made an impression with their creative spaces for the physically impaired. Try and google it, a lot of people talked about it.

And now since I am a topic short, I will instead go ahead and jump to my next entry. The crazy creative feature which will be a regular highlight in this blog. This is where I will be picking out people loitering in the streets of art and design and consequently leaving graffiti-esque marks in my life. I may know them personally or know them by reputation. Doesn’t matter. The point is they are people who have made an impact in my cray-cray quest for purpose.

So for my first feature, I cannot start with anybody else but my 4 closest friends from the Philippine School of Interior Design, Justine Villanueva, Peach de Guzman, Hannah Zuniga, and Yani Monroy.

Here we gooo. (All pictures were stolen from Instagram or Facebook, don’t judge me.)



Justine: The Ballsy Romantic.

On the surface, she may look like your typical fashionista but the thing is, she’s tough (she can punch through walls if you provoke her). She knows what she wants and knows how to get it. She has her years planned ahead of her, a trait I have yet to catch.


Top one would be her choice of tattoos and how each one represents something.

focus, leadership, and patience

Last time I heard she’s got about 8 all over her body each with an interesting symbolism about what inspires her and what she needs to be reminded of. Just like her tats, she makes great choices and she lives by them with no regrets.

dream as if you’ll live forever

And she really gets into it when planning dates.

This chic is your dream girl
Seriously, she’s got some game!

Peaches: The Whimsy Story-Teller.

Before Peach entered this career, she was a professional photographer. Probably the best way of life if you ask me. She got to travel all around the country and took a piece from all the paths she stepped on and connected it one by one as the pages of her life.

This is probably my favorite but I have yet to see the rest.


Her ability to share these experiences to people as if they were their own.

Her stories are all beautiful and funny and touching and it reflects on her work the way everything is deliberately planned out to create an analogy or maybe even a parody of the things that we experience daily.

Hannah: The Carefree Minstrel.

I have to tell you, this girl is the jack of all creative trades. She’s a painter, an actress, and a singer. Her work cannot be rushed but she delivers. Above all her talents, I see her freakishly steady hand as her greatest asset. She can paint murals, draw detailed and rendered perspectives in 15 minutes and she doesn’t even brag about it. Most times. ;p

Her bedroom wall, she painted that on directly. No stencil. Talk about steady.


Her joy.

No matter what mood or situation you are in, you can never keep up with a horrible mood if she’s around. Her laughter is too contagious and I really try sometimes to fight it. It’s no use. Her high-pitched giggle always wins.

Yani: The Nature-Trippy Hippie.

Lastly, let me introduce to you the Mother of Cool. Remember the phrase “It’s so bad it’s good”? She does that to the word “cool”, she makes things so tacky or ugly that you will start to love it, too. Not a lot of people can do that. But when she’s on a break from her cool phase and puts her graphic designer game face on, she can really create some pretty awesome things which are mostly inspired from nature.


Her patterns.

Each one looks so simple yet every dot and every line is a paragraph in the story of creation. Most people, like me, work with words but some just let pictures do the talking for them.

Her patterns used on actual products.



I love these people because they’ve taught me different things. They’ve inspired in many ways. And most specially, I learned from them that work will never be work if you’re having fun.


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