Manila FAME: The Design and Lifestyle Event

I got a last minute invite to Manila FAME at the SMX Convention center. I’ve been to a few shows before and I always come out with a silly grin on my face, so naturally I didn’t even hesitate.

It was the last day today and we were running a bit late, so just imagine my joy when we arrived at half past 4 and learned that the exhibit will be extended til 7pm! Weee…

For those who haven’t heard, 3rd week of March and October!

I don’t have a lot of pictures because it’s sort of  illegal to take any photos of the products, so I just took snapshots of those that won’t get me into trouble or cause me to be thrown out of there or simply those that I asked permission for.

Some accessories I brought home!

There were a lot of great stuff there, and my senses were basically just torn because I felt like I wasn’t admiring one part enough. I spent like 15 minutes figuring out what one lampshade was made of, the owner was already looking at me weird because I was touching stuff, in the end I learned it was just stockings. Stockings!

Really, there were a lot of cool things, and by a lot I mean ALL.

The background is purely made out of paper.

I wanted to buy a few home accessories but I just learned that the exhibit is mainly for export items. Imagine that, Filipino craftsmanship is already getting recognized around the globe. What a feeling. Bittersweet though since I couldn’t take some home.

paper pulp!

Anyway, I found some old traditions that still blew my mind away like how you make this lace pattern out of thread.

Super hyper speed! My cam couldn’t even catch her hands steady.

And weaving. There is a movement called Hibla where traditional Filipino arts such as weaving and beadworks are being promoted. Hopefully these traditions will be passed on to younger generations.

Just me being a fangirl with awesome ladies.

It literally took us about almost 3 hours to cover the whole area. The place was packed with great ideas and quirky twists with known Filipino novelties.

I don’t know exactly what this is supposed to be but I like it!
Check this out, coconut husk planters! Definitely gonna try this one in my own little garden.
Meet the infamous barrel man’s friends! They’re all saying hello!

But I must say, the one that gave me the giggles is this little fellow…

The force is strong

I can’t wait to visit a new place oozing with great things. I left the exhibit dazzled with new ideas. Talking to people who know their stuff really gave me a boost. I’m just plain happy for the exhibitors, they’ve made it and I pray someday, I will too. Thank you to the participants of Manila FAME for lighting the path of young designers like me and setting really high standards (no pressure…) and congratulations for a wonderful exhibit.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. yani monroy says:

    Omg super love the coconut planters.

    1. Yes, I’m going to try this in my little garden. 🙂 This would look good in yours, too!

  2. yani monroy says:

    and yes.. the force is strong. Haha

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