This list was supposed to be the 101 for 1001 days challenge. I started jotting down my goals on April 23, 2011 (I have not changed anything since). Obviously I didn’t finish it on time for January 19, 2013 due to probably the extravagance of my goals. But nevertheless, I shall try to finish it. Those which are censored need an element of surprise or are just too weird for the public. So I just left it at that.

Let’s make another deadline for me to finish this. January 19, 2016 sounds fair. Let’s do that.

  1. Graduate again  – PSID :`)
  2. Get an article published 
  3. Learn how to drive. Properly.
  4. Go to Australia
  5. Buy a pick-up
  6. Get a job
  7. Get my bathroom retiled
  8. Host a party
  9. Get new furniture
  10. Rent a place for myself
  11. Start writing a book
  12. Maintain a blog
  13. Pass the ID board exam
  14. Make a to-read list of at least 100 books 
  15. Draw 2 specific portraits – halfway there
  16. Design and make an ID friendly bag
  17. The ice cream cone dare
  18. Go on a spontaneous beach trip
  19. Send out unsent and unwritten letter
  20. Have another crazy tequila night with the girls
  21. – Censored –
  22. Go to India
  23. Buy a new laptop
  24. Enroll in a dance class
  25. Bake a cake
  26. Subscribe to an ID magazine
  27. Finish this list
  28. Learn how to cook at least 10 decent meals
  29. Learn how to crochet  Learned the basics, but as a left-handed person, this will never work out.
  30. Finish a cross-stitch project
  31. Donate blood
  32. Get psychologically tested
  33. Ride a roller coaster with loops
  34. Finish my exhibit in PSID
  35. Get a 1.0 in a class again
  36. Check options for my masters
  37. – Censored –
  38. Take care of a pet
  39. Have a meaningful conversation
  40. Cut my hair really short
  41. Dye my hair with a bright color
  42. Win something from a game
  43. Hug somebody I’m not close to – Sinulog. End of story.
  44. Read something I’ve written out loud
  45. Sit in a park all day
  46. Talk about my issues with somebody
  47. Bungee jump
  48. Scuba dive
  49. Get diving license
  50. Leap for joy
  51. – Censored –
  52. Have a long walk alone
  53. Get a commercial project
  54. Get a residential project
  55. Spend NYE in Times Square – Trix, I’m aiming for NYE 2015!!!
  56. Make my parents smile
  57. Get drunk on classy wine 
  58. No eating of sweets for a month – Who am I kidding?
  59. – Censored – 
  60. Grow back my long hair
  61. Write something that makes sense
  62. Sky dive
  63. Go to Ocean Park, MOA. (lol)
  64. Make another awesome New Year album
  65. Draw 5 landscapes
  66. Make a portfolio
  67. Take flower arrangement seriously
  68. Get a stress-free weekend
  69. Wear red lipstick for the first time
  70. Visit Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao
  71. Have a complete group pic with the queen Bs
  72. Wear a really, really, girly pink outfit
  73. Go on an intense diet
  74. – Censored –
  75. Go to an awesome party
  76. Take masters
  77. Sleep for 8 hours
  78. Finish A Song of Fire and Ice (At least until book 5) – Where is Book 6?!
  79. Conquer Goodreads Challenge 2012
  80. Run 5 km
  81. Go back to Cebu
  82. Give Mama Zeny daster (lol)
  83. Finish writing the book you started
  84. Learn how to edit videos
  85. Eat a really expensive meal
  86. – Censored –
  87. – Censored –
  88. Eat a bar of chocolate for breakfast
  89. Back to 105 lbs – This was 2013 haha
  90. Pay it forward
  91. Buy decent gifts
  92. Paint a mural – PSID exhibit ceiling!
  93. Get rid of something
  94. Genuine tears of joy – Limoncello Cheesecake at Don Limone
  95. Peanut butter and banana for breakfast
  96. Get a really, really big project
  97. Renovate my house
  98. Admit I need help when I do
  99. – Censored –
  100. Forgive
  101. Forget

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